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Florida CirTech (FCT) was founded by Mike Scimeca in 1991 with the concept of manufacturing and supplying proprietary chemistries to both the electronic assembly and printed circuit board (PCFAB) industries. In 1996, the office operations in Sarasota Florida were consolidated with the manufacturing operation in Chicago with our move to Greeley, Colorado. Our current 30,000 square foot facility acts as an office, a manufacturing facility, storage spacing and an R&D and quality control laboratory. Florida CirTech received ISO 9001 certification in May 2003. In our Greeley facility, we currently manufacture a wide range of products ranging from solders (lead free and conventional), solder pastes to a wide variety of proprietary liquid and powder blends.

Florida CirTech has, despite the general downturn in the industries we serve, greatly expanded itís market share both domestically in North America and overseas, particularly in Asia. In the past couple of years, Florida CirTech has, for a variety of reasons, spun off various aspects of our business.

Summary of Florida CirTech

Florida CirTech

The main mission of the parent company Florida CirTech consists of three elements:

  1. Manufacture and supply proprietary chemical products to the PCFAB industry through our network of direct salespeople, local sales representatives and distributors.
  2. Provide the support structure for our subsidiary companies. This includes various infrastructure support including,
    A. Logistic support through our existing warehouses in North America
    B. Order taking, accounting, computer system etc.
    C. Financial support at the beginning of the subsidiary operation (cash flow support etc.)
    D. Manufacturing, quality control and R&D support.
    E. Sales support by relying on our existing sales support system.
  3. Identify and target business opportunities that have some degree of synergy with Florida CirTechís current operations. In some cases, Florida CirTech can act as an ďincubatorĒ to help ensure the development and success of these new opportunities.

In 2004, we are going to try and promote toll blending for companies requiring local manufacturing in North America. This may also involve warehousing and other logistical support.

Summary of Florida CirTech subsidiaries (in order of incorporation)

FCT Water

Florida CirTech has a primary interest in three other subsidiary companies. The first company spun off was FCT Water. This was done in May of 2002. FCT Water was started with the idea of putting more emphasis and focus into our line of proprietary waste treatment products catering not only to the PCFAB industry but to other industries such as general metal finishing.

FCT Water primarily focuses on supporting and servicing itís wide line of specialty chemicals including a wide range of precipitants, coagulants, polymers and detackifiers. In addition, FCT Water also sells a wide range of new and used equipment including ion exchange and clarifier systems and miscellaneous supplies such as LMI metering pumps etc.

Additional information on FCT Water including products, sales personnel etc. can be obtained on the FCT Water website at .

Ormecon CirTech

The second company to follow this pattern was Ormecon CirTech. Ormecon CirTech is a 50:50 LLC partnership between Ormecon Chemie and Florida CirTech. Ormecon CirTech was formed in July 1, 2003. Again, one of the main driving forces for this merger was to put renewed focus on Immersion Tin as a final finish. This is especially critical in light of the recent push towards lead free soldering materials for both the electronic assembly and PCFAB industries worldwide. Ormecon CirTech utilizes the very strong and solid R&D capabilities of Ormecon Chemie in Germany as well as the in field, production and logistical support of Florida CirTech.

Ormecon Chemie, through itís mergers and strategic acquisitions, has now become the largest supplier of immersion tin worldwide.

FCT Assembly

FCT Assembly was created as a spin off of Florida CirTech in April of 2004. FCT Assembly consists of two basic operations: stencil manufacturing and the manufacture of electronic assembly products such as solder paste, wave solder flux and solder (both conventional 63/37 and lead free) bar used in thru-hole wave solder assembly. The stencils can be fabricated by both chemical etch and by laser cutting. Additional details of our stencil operation can be obtained by going to our website for this which is at

One of the more exciting changes in the electronic assembly industry is to move towards lead free soldering. A majority of lead free solder pastes in North America have settled on the so called SAC alloys. This alloy consists of Tin (Sn), Silver (Ag) and Copper (Cu). Florida CirTech provides the solder paste flux vehicles that are compatible with this and other lead free solder paste alloys. In Wave soldering, the industry is roughly divided into two lead free solder alloys:

  1. Sn-Cu alloys such as the Nihon Superior alloy and
  2. SAC alloy as discussed above.

Florida CirTech is the designated Nihon Superior lead free solder bar supplier in North America. A licensing agreement has enabled Florida CirTech to manufacture the Nihon Superior lead free solder bar in North America. The advantages of this alloy over the SAC alloy are numerous and include

A. Lower raw material cost as a result of no Silver.
B. Less drossing with respect to both 63/37 solder bar and SAC bar
C. Very little copper erosion in the copper plated thru holes and
D. Much less attack on the stainless steel solder pots versus the SAC materials.

Genesis Materials Technology

Florida CirTech has entered into an exclusive relationship with Genesis Materials Technology (GMT).  GMT is a company which manufacturers a patented VOC free waterborne liquid photoresist and Liquid Photoimageable  (LPI) solder mask and legend inks.  These products have many positive technical attributes such as high resolution and also have the advantage of being very environmentally attractive in that there is no organic solvent in any of these products.  Additional information on these products can be obtained on the Genesis Materials Technology website at

Concluding remarks

Now that you now a bit more about our company, please feel free to contact us regarding any way we can help you.


Tom Scimeca

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