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Florida CirTech has developed a wide range of products used in plating various metals in the metal finishing industry.  Products include various cleaners, Aluminum etchants and zincates.  These chemical processes are used prior to plating Copper, Nickel and Chrome. 

Thank you for your interest in our products and services. We hope you'll use our web site as a place to find current information on our products, and to learn of any new developments at Florida CirTech. Your comments and suggestions make us a better company. Please stop in and look around.

For information on our Asian products, please visit FCT Asia at www.fctasia.com
For information on assembly products, visit FCT Assembly at www.fctassembly.com.
For information on waste water treatment products, visit FCT Water at www.fctwater.com.


Our Mission
Our Mission is to become the leading chemical blender to the Printed Circuit and Electronic Assembly industry by listening closely to our customers and responding to their needs quickly and thoughtfully. 

Company Profile
Florida CirTech was founded in 1991. The company started developing products in the PCFAB bare board industry. In addition to growing our product line in this industry, we also developed a variety of products used in the electronic assembly and waste treatment industry. FCT Assembly was created as a result of our growing success in developing and marketing new innovative products used by electronic assemblers. FCT Water was also started as a result of our success in developing very effective precipitants and coagulants used in the PCFAB and metal finishing industry.

We continue developing innovative and interesting products. Recent activities involve developing and refining PCB final finishes such as Lead Free HASL and Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold (ENIG). We also have developed a VOC-Free Liquid photoresist which can be used not only as an inner layers etch resist but can also be used in the solar industry.

We have also recently developed a complete line of zincates, etches and cleaners used in the metal finishing industry.

Our products and support is also available in China and Hong Kong through our sister company FCT Asia.

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