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Printed Circuit Fabrication Chemistry 
Process Chemistry used in the manufacture of printed Circuits.

Download our entire Printed Circuit Fabrication list here: Fabrication list (20KB)

   SunfortAQ4038 Technical Bulletin (191KB)
   SunfortAQ5038 Technical Bulletin (461KB) 
The next generation of alternative oxide replacements.

   PB445VertI   Process Flow (8KB)  
   PB405   Alkaline Cleaner (12KB)
   PB425   Pre-Dip (15KB)
   PB445   Power Bond (16KB)

OMIKRON "The Wave of The Future" 
The Best Alternative to Hot Air Solder Leveling.
   Marketing info. (1,043KB)
   Test info. (760KB)
   Omikron Processing Guide (25.6KB)
   Omikron Assembly Guide (19KB)
   Omikron Catalyst (11.5KB)

OMIKRON Plus "The Best Just Got Better" 
   Flyer (101KB)
   Test info. (2190KB)


Solder Paste Information
   Soak Profile (9KB)
   Steady Ramp Profile (10KB)
   Profile Troubleshooting Guide 1 (11KB)

Lead-Free Solder Information

Nihon Superior Lead-Free Solder Presentation  (1.7MB)

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